Saturday, August 7, 2010

Off to the fair!

I just got home from entering my projects in the county fair!

I showed horses at my hometown county fair when I was younger, but I've never entered anything as an adult. My sister-in-law entered things for the first time last year and has been trying to talk me into it since then. Until recently, I wasn't diggin' the idea. There's just something about putting my work out there for people to see and judge that makes me nervous.

As the fair actually drew near, my sister-in-law's excitement was contagious and I decided to enter a few things. It would be nice to win for pride and for the cash prizes, but I'm not going to be devastated if I walk away empty handed. I'm just really proud of myself for letting go of my insecurities and it will be neat to have my projects on display.

Here's what I entered:

honeymoon scrapbook (digital category)
Girls' Cruise 2006 scrapbook (vacation category)
felt ABC pillow (miscellaneous pillow category)
template from Martha Stewart
stuffed fish (stuffed toy - cloth category)
Thanks to Kristan for introducing me to this Stanley pattern from Fig Tree & Company. I did sew a smaller piece of black felt onto the eye after taking this picture because it just didn't stand out enough for me.
I also entered a plate of 5 Roma tomatoes from our garden. I'd hoped to have more veggies to enter. Unfortunately, our hot peppers peaked too early and our squash haven't come on yet because we were a little late in planting. :(

The judging is tonight at 5pm. Any good vibes would be much appreciated!


  1. Aww I'm glad you got your projects done.
    That fish is so adorable. I love making toys.

  2. How fun! That Stanley fish is so cute. You're totally going to win! :D