Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Joann's Haul

Yesterday I went shopping at the nearby outlet mall with my BFF on her day off. She's 4 months postpartum and in that weird "maternity clothes are too big, pre pregnancy clothes don't fit" stage. We've been BFFs for about 20 years and like similar things, but our tastes in clothing are very different. She asked me to come to be her honest opinion and so I'd encourage her to try things on that were outside of her clothing comfort zone. She found some really great pieces at great prices!

I didn't buy a single thing...until I made a pit stop at Joann's on the way home. :)

In my defense, I had a $10 coupon that I earned with a previous purchase and I didn't want to forget to use it. I also needed some embroidery floss and new embroidery needles for a cross stitch project I'm ready to begin. I found those right away:

That didn't add up to my $10 and I wasn't about to let any "free money" go to waste in a craft store. I decided to use the other coupon I had for 50% off one cut of regularly priced fabric. After literally 45 minutes of wandering the aisles, I finally settled on the damask that kept catching my eye:

That still put me just shy of my $10 so I ventured to my favorite place in the fabric store: the remnant bin. I absolutely love digging through the remnant bin. Besides the fabric there being discounted (always a plus), it's fun to see what other people have been buying that resulted in the leftovers. I always wonder what they used their cut of fabric to create. 

My hunt for a remnant to fill in the gap resulted in my buying 9 remnants:

All of them cost $1-$3. I don't have specific plans for any of them yet. They're all just cotton so they're versatile and I'm sure I'll find something. 

Oh, dear. Those are the famous last words of someone with a fabric addiction, aren't they? :)


  1. Or someone who has a yarn addiction! :-)

  2. I like fabric and have collected some of my faves for a quilt and pillow project that I was SUPPOSED to start 2 years ago.....maybe I'll get to it....sometime....LOL

    I can't wait to see what you your cross stitch project is, I really like the colors you chose.
    Hugs, Ashlyn

  3. I love all that fabric you picked up...I can't go past the sale section without picking something out!!